Anxiety is something I don’t want to have. What I want is to talk in front of a lot of people, make friends easier, presenting to the class without getting red, or going through a crowd without thinking severely about what people are thinking or saying about me. I feel society can be overwhelming and nerve racking. There’s a good caring silly funny personality behind this shy nervous 15-year-old. Social anxiety is something a lot of people struggle with but for me, ideas, situations, being speechless, and people all creep in my mind as I get nervous.

The scariest thing for me is attention. Being the center of attention means all eyes on me, the fear of being judged, what if I mess up or do something without thinking. Often, I think how in the world am I supposed to get through high school with social anxiety, it’s nearly impossible. It means so much when I meet people with the same issues. For example, I used to look for fun things and places that didn’t make me as nervous. I found myself at a party knowing not many people and most of them were blank faces. I start to panic inside.  It’s scary not knowing anyone, I don’t want to just awkwardly stand there like the girl who knows no one. I found ways to feel like the life of the party. That didn’t work so I’m still finding ways to overcome anxiety.

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