Sometimes on a journey we need direction, extra fuel, or someone to tell us about a secret place. Consider these pages a source for helping you along your way.  In these pages you will find Books, Videos, Music and Links to other organizations. Each area has it’s own page, so just click on one of the areas and you will be taken to the articles, videos, links etc.

Do you like a good read?  Here are a few books we recommend.

If you have a good recommendation, let us know so we can get it on this list.

Videos are the fastest growing way to learn in today’s society. There are so many to choose from it is difficult.

Here are just a few.  Again, Please share in a post if you have any videos you think others would like.

This collection of music videos are perfect for background music or to listen as you sleep.

Some are 8 hours long.


Sometimes we find that we need information or support from other organizations.

Here is a partial list of resources.