Social Anxiety

Its a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the flowers are in full bloom, and I am filled with doom.

As I get ready to step outside into the world I am filled with social anxiety. The bright sun fills my body with fear, fear of being in the spot light. My heart rate starts to speed up.  My head starts to swell.  My skin has this tingling feeling that I can’t scratch off.  Is everyone looking at me?  Are they judging my every step.  I feel everyones energy and I can’t identify with my own energy.

I feel paralyzed, captured by my fear of facing society.  My stomach has turned into one big knot, and I haven’t even opened my car door yet.

Social anxiety is very debilitating, it keeps you from doing daily tasks, especially when the only place you feel safe is under your covers, hiding from the world.


Breathing, is the most important factor.  Breathing in your anxiety and exhaling all your fears out of your breath.  Meditation is helpful too.  Closing your eyes, finding your center, keeping your feet on the ground and feeling your stability through your core.


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